1. Boston camoflaged!

    Boston camoflaged!

    Can you find where the snow ends and the Boston begins?
  2. Do I LOOK comfortable?

    Do I LOOK comfortable?

    Hugo (boxer) and Simon (bt) getting cozy with their Daddy.
  3. Simon's new buddy

    Simon's new buddy

    This is our Boston, Simon, with his new buddy, Goku. Goku is a black Cocker Spaniel.
  4. I made bail!!

    I made bail!!

    This was Simon's halloween outfit. What better on a Boston than black and white stripes!! :)
  5. I Won!

    I Won!

    Simon & Chocolate taking a rest after an agressive race.
  6. Hugo's little Boston bro

    Hugo's little Boston bro

    Simon the Boston Terrier at 6 weeks old
  7. Couch Potato

    Couch Potato

    Simon, who is not allowed on furniture looks like he's watching Jeopardy.
  8. Telling Secrets

    Telling Secrets

    Chocolate (has hip dysplasia)resting while Simon tries to get her to play.
  9. Simon's First  Kiss

    Simon's First Kiss

    Simon (5.5 months) and Chocolate (4years) relaxing in the great outdoors.
  10. Look Ma, No Cavities!

    Look Ma, No Cavities!

    Simon stops to show off his pearly whites
  11. This is the Life

    This is the Life

    Simon enjoying life as a pampered boxer puppy
  12. Sometimes it's just black & white

    Sometimes it's just black & white

    Simon's usual look of denial after sneaking a snack
  13. Hugo's new brother

    Hugo's new brother

    This is Simon. He is our new Boston Terrier. The breeder took the pic for us, because he is only one week old and still with his furmommy.