1. Khan rests his weary head

    Khan rests his weary head

    My old faithful hound, Khan, sadly no longer with us... But he did make us laugh. This stand was supposed to have a plant on top of it - Khan decided it would be better if he used it as a head rest. (sorry for the poor quality - it's an old Polaroid_
  2. Aircropped Ears

    Aircropped Ears

    Why crop when these are natural? Airborn, of course!
  3. What a mug!

    What a mug!

    Dogzilla making faces...
  4. Groovy Kinda Love

    Groovy Kinda Love

    Zilla kisses...
  5. Zilla looking for food...

    Zilla looking for food...

    Zilla looking for leftover cat food...
  6. So mistreated!

    So mistreated!

    Zilla and his sister, Fiona, and his foster brother, Magoo.
  7. Peek-a-Boo


    Have you got any cats for me in that camera?
  8. Happy Dog!

    Happy Dog!

    I'm a Happy Dog!!
  9. sleepy Ronan

    sleepy Ronan

    Ronan's sleepy
  10. Ronan(Boxer) and Bleu(Lab) being silly

    Ronan(Boxer) and Bleu(Lab) being silly

    Ronan, my Boxer and his new brother Bleu, my Black Lab.
  11. This is silly!

    This is silly!

    Winston with Mom's garden hat on and not to happy about it either.
  12. Hey Man!

    Hey Man!

    Hey put your teeth away!
  13. Bandit


    Okay, so we went on a 2 hour hike, fed the horses, chased the cats, dug a ditch to China, met a skunk, now what???
  14. Hi, Daddy!

    Hi, Daddy!

    This is Daddy's favorite picture of Chewy.
  15. Sleeping ..

    Sleeping ..

    mommy had a great lap... but her leggs were falling asleep!
  16. upsidedown..


    Just laying upsidedown as usual
  17. Snow ... (12.2001)

    Snow ... (12.2001)

    First snow of 2001 .. but this is all it did .. in feb it snowed more!!!
  18. Brick Biting (10.2001)

    Brick Biting (10.2001)

    My favorite outside toy! You should see me bark, throw it in the air, and chase it!
  19. Being Silly ... (2001)

    Being Silly ... (2001)

    Just laying around! My favorite way to lay .. and on top of my rope bone.