1. Mmmmm.  Frosty Paws!

    Mmmmm. Frosty Paws!

    This is a picture of Rudy after his first doggy birthday party!
  2. Rudy - 15 weeks

    Rudy - 15 weeks

    You just gotta love those floppy ears :)
  3. Rudy - Aren't I cute?

    Rudy - Aren't I cute?

  4. Catching some rays!

    Catching some rays!

    Just like the beach! Corona, please? :)
  5. rudy and his plant

    rudy and his plant

    Look how much I've grown! I used to be smaller than that pot.
  6. Take the picture already!

    Take the picture already!

    I'm waiting...Are you going to take the picture or what?
  7. taking a nap

    taking a nap

    This is Rudy's favorite place to sleep.
  8. Rudy - 12 weeks

    Rudy - 12 weeks

    Ok, I'll pose for you.
  9. Rudy's parents- Bubba & Lucy

    Rudy's parents- Bubba & Lucy

    Rudy's parents - Bubba & Lucy! He looks like his mommy :)
  10. Tune in Tokyo!

    Tune in Tokyo!

    Rudy walking around at Lisa's office.
  11. Rudy at 10 weeks

    Rudy at 10 weeks

    At least I got a new toy out of this!
  12. rudy at 6 weeks

    rudy at 6 weeks

    I'll sleep anywhere!
  13. rudy at 6 weeks

    rudy at 6 weeks

    Still sleeping!
  14. rudy at 8 weeks

    rudy at 8 weeks

    Yummy mulch!
  15. rudy at 9 weeks

    rudy at 9 weeks

    I can still sleep pretty well!
  16. Rudy at 6 weeks

    Rudy at 6 weeks

    Watch out! Here I come!