1. That Darn Ball

    That Darn Ball

    Ozzy's ball floating in the pool!
  2. Boxer School

    Boxer School

    Come on, Come on, everybody on!
  3. Sunseeker


    Even through the remodelling of our kitchen Ozzy finds his sun.
  4. My bed

    My bed

    Ozzy's own bed in the Hotel on our way to the boxer bash!
  5. I love Boxer World!

    I love Boxer World!

    When mom's not here I check out boxer world for my friends!
  6. Need sleep!

    Need sleep!

    Need ugly sleep!
  7. Bone again

    Bone again

    Where is that biscuit gone? Ryker knows!
  8. Bone  on nose

    Bone on nose

    This picture is for Sam!
  9. Yes!


    What a dog!
  10. Excuse me!

    Excuse me!

    Ozzy's new look!
  11. Yes! may I help you?

    Yes! may I help you?

    Ozzy trying to help me out in the office! Cool!
  12. Ozzy and the Pond 2

    Ozzy and the Pond 2

    Ozzy has grown and so have the flowers!
  13. Pool time!

    Pool time!

    Is this a big water bowl?
  14. Swim time!

    Swim time!

    Ozzy needs to cool off too!
  15. I dare you!

    I dare you!

    I won't jump mom, the water is not warm enough yet!
  16. Nice job mom

    Nice job mom

    Ozzy and I finally finished cleaning the garden, he deserved a picture today!
  17. Ozzy and Rusty

    Ozzy and Rusty

    Ozzy this is my room!
  18. Ozzy and Rusty

    Ozzy and Rusty

    Can't get me in here!
  19. New Bed

    New Bed

    We have a new bed!
  20. The kiss

    The kiss

    I love my brother!