1. My Fawn Girl Sassy

    My Fawn Girl Sassy

    My fawn Girl Sassy
  2. If we stare long enough...they'll cave!

    If we stare long enough...they'll cave!

    My Xena wasn not in this shot, but here is another classic "somebody mentioned cookie" shot!! The female fawn with the red collar is my sisters baby, Sassy.
  3. Parker & his bandana

    Parker & his bandana

  4. Sassy's First Day Here

    Sassy's First Day Here

    Sassy, trying to adapt to her new home on the first day
  5. But MOM......

    But MOM......

  6. Everybody wants the recliner

    Everybody wants the recliner

    We all want the recliner so we had to compromise....LOL 1996..
  7. The 3 Amigos

    The 3 Amigos

    Sassy and her 2 babys Yuk Dog and Bit Bit...1999
  8. My Beloved Baby

    My Beloved Baby

    This is my beloved Baby Girl Sassy, the night before She went to Rainbow bridge..... Sassy 9-1-1993--11-27-2001