1. Enjoying the sunshine

    Enjoying the sunshine

    First day here, and she's so relaxed and happy!
  2. Sasha loves flowers...

    Sasha loves flowers...

    Hehe she discovered the front lawn today!
  3. another Spike & Sasha

    another Spike & Sasha

    Spike & Sasha, first snow on the ground this year.
  4. Sasha & Spike

    Sasha & Spike

    Sasha & Spike
  5. Sasha


  6. Max and I with sasha and kloey

    Max and I with sasha and kloey

    these pictures are from the first day we got the girls. They were 6 weeks old
  7. Sasha at 7 weeks

    Sasha at 7 weeks

    this picture was taken at my moms house when Sasha was 7 weeks old
  8. Sasha


    Sasha Sitting Pretty For A Picture
  9. Sasha &Honey

    Sasha &Honey

    These Two Dogs Are Sitting Pretty For The Camera