1. Rylie is getting big!!

    Rylie is getting big!!

    She is 4 1/2 months now and sprouting like a weed.
  2. Sweater Weather

    Sweater Weather

    Time to break out the sweaters! It's cold.
  3. Airborne puppy

    Airborne puppy

    This just cracked me up. I said "Rylie" to get her to look at me and she jump right at the camera.
  4. Rylie


    I couldn't resist taking more pictures.
  5. Puppy dog eyes

    Puppy dog eyes

    This works everytime! The tilt of the head suckers me right in. he he.
  6. Rylie waiting to go potty

    Rylie waiting to go potty

    Soon she will be bigger than these flowers. This is her waiting at the door to go potty.
  7. Rylie Watching TV

    Rylie Watching TV

    She just sat so intent watching tv. How cute!
  8. Rylie's  first day home

    Rylie's first day home

    This is her first day home.
  9. Rylie


    This is Rylie at 5 weeks. We just brought her home yesterday.