1. Mmmmm.  Frosty Paws!

    Mmmmm. Frosty Paws!

    This is a picture of Rudy after his first doggy birthday party!
  2. Rudy - 15 weeks

    Rudy - 15 weeks

    You just gotta love those floppy ears :)
  3. Rudy - Aren't I cute?

    Rudy - Aren't I cute?

  4. Catching some rays!

    Catching some rays!

    Just like the beach! Corona, please? :)
  5. rudy and his plant

    rudy and his plant

    Look how much I've grown! I used to be smaller than that pot.
  6. Take the picture already!

    Take the picture already!

    I'm waiting...Are you going to take the picture or what?
  7. taking a nap

    taking a nap

    This is Rudy's favorite place to sleep.
  8. Rudy - 12 weeks

    Rudy - 12 weeks

    Ok, I'll pose for you.
  9. Rudy's parents- Bubba & Lucy

    Rudy's parents- Bubba & Lucy

    Rudy's parents - Bubba & Lucy! He looks like his mommy :)
  10. Rudy and Bailey

    Rudy and Bailey

    Friends at first sight!
  11. Tune in Tokyo!

    Tune in Tokyo!

    Rudy walking around at Lisa's office.
  12. Rudy at 10 weeks

    Rudy at 10 weeks

    At least I got a new toy out of this!
  13. rudy at 6 weeks

    rudy at 6 weeks

    I'll sleep anywhere!
  14. rudy at 6 weeks

    rudy at 6 weeks

    Still sleeping!
  15. rudy at 8 weeks

    rudy at 8 weeks

    Yummy mulch!
  16. rudy at 9 weeks

    rudy at 9 weeks

    I can still sleep pretty well!