1. Queen of the mountain

    Queen of the mountain

  2. Enjoying the sunset at the dog park
  3. Mama, what's that?

    Mama, what's that?

    Roxy had to inspect the strange noisemaker in my hand
  4. Woo-Woo Roxy

    Woo-Woo Roxy

    Woo Wooing for the squeaky ball
  5. Fun at the dog park

    Fun at the dog park

    Roxy and Brutus waiting for mom to catch up at the dog park
  6. very long tongue

    very long tongue

  7. I'm a pretty girl

    I'm a pretty girl

  8. flowers for me

    flowers for me

  9. Roxy in the yard

    Roxy in the yard

    Roxy is about 2 1/2 years old. She came to live here 4/14/03. She was rescued.
  10. Thinkin hard

    Thinkin hard

  11. I'm hiding

    I'm hiding

    Roxy cooling off in the grass
  12. Vegas and Roxy - 3

    Vegas and Roxy - 3

    After a few hours of ripping around, Vegas and his half sister Roxy need a break!
  13. Vegas and Roxy - 2

    Vegas and Roxy - 2

  14. Vegas and Roxy

    Vegas and Roxy

    Vegas and his half sister Roxy. She is about 3 weeks younger.
  15. Vegas and Siblings

    Vegas and Siblings

    From left to right... Vegas' brother Billy, his half sister Roxy and of course Vegas
  16. Casey and Roxy...again

    Casey and Roxy...again

    Here are the two best buddies once again. Casey is standing above Roxy getting a drink of water. I don't know if it is a boxer trait, but they always stand on top of each other.
  17. Casey and Roxy

    Casey and Roxy

    Casey and Roxy are best friends. They play together so well. They have not been able to play in a while because Roxy's father got a job where he is away alot.