1. Mush!!!


    Rowdy pulled boys on the sled for over 30 minutes and still wanted to go for a walk with Carol afterwards.
  2. First Walk

    First Walk

    Carol and Rowdy are taking their first walk.(without me)
  3. Snow pictures

    Snow pictures

    Carol, the boys, and Rowdy in the snow
  4. Snow!


    We were enjoying the snow
  5. Lap Dog

    Lap Dog

    Rowdy enjoyed the whole morning in my lap while the rest of our family slept.
  6. Boxer Bash Family Photo

    Boxer Bash Family Photo

    This is my family at the DFW boxer bash on Dec.28,2002.
  7. Rowdy's new daytime condo

    Rowdy's new daytime condo

    Rowdy is proud of his new daytime house with a light for heat and a cooling fan mounted in between all the stars.
  8. Rowdy's first "house party"

    Rowdy's first "house party"

    Rowdy is introducing his skin brothers to his new house. Noah could not attend.
  9. Rowdy and Harley mixing it up in the front yard

    Rowdy and Harley mixing it up in the front yard

    Harley and Rowdy had fun boxing when I introduced them
  10. Dad cheats!

    Dad cheats!

    More roughhousing in the living room.
  11. Rowdy and Dad

    Rowdy and Dad

    Living room brawl.
  12. No tails allowed

    No tails allowed

    Rowdy is trying to decide if this dog belongs at a boxer bash.(They played very well together.)
  13. Rowdy at 14 months

    Rowdy at 14 months

    Rowdy at 14 months.
  14. Rowdy&Mattie


    My fur babies!