1. Lenny


    This is Lenny. approx 1 yr old. Big puppy at heart, long legged, full of energy and lots of love. He found his way right into our hearts.
  2. Princess Nadia

    Princess Nadia

    Nadia giving her " But Daddy, Mommy said I could" look :) It always works
  3. I LOVE you man

    I LOVE you man

    Cooper and Chester sleeping in an embrace. Not posed
  4. My Boy Naz

    My Boy Naz

    My two year old boxer dog soon after we brought him to his new home.
  5. Buddy


    This is our new baby that we rescued thanks to Boxerworld.
  6. Cassie was Rescued

    Cassie was Rescued

    Photo of Cassie before we met.