1. Curious Reesa

    Curious Reesa

  2. Pretty girl!

    Pretty girl!

    She asks, "Are you done taking pictures?"
  3. Pretty girl!

    Pretty girl!

    Laying on the bed, I caught this pose. Don't you love their turned up noses!
  4. Standing Tall at Sundown

    Standing Tall at Sundown

  5. Our babies

    Our babies

  6. Pretty


  7. Posing Pretty

    Posing Pretty

  8. What?


  9. Snoozin' snugly

    Snoozin' snugly

    Long day!
  10. My Son, our dogs!

    My Son, our dogs!

    Sittin' in the sunset.
  11. Perfect Reesa

    Perfect Reesa

    May Day 2002