1. 7 week old Boxer

    7 week old Boxer

    I am in love
  2. Flashy Boxer

    Flashy Boxer

    Flashy fawn Boxer Puppy. cute puppy
  3. Mater's first week

    Mater's first week

    Maters first week
  4. Phoenix's first ride home.

    Phoenix's first ride home.

  5. Pensive


  6. Nephew with Waffles

    Nephew with Waffles

    My Nephew with Waffles. Notice his chest markings, it shaped like an upside down heart.
  7. Tailgater


  8. Playing in the Leaves

    Playing in the Leaves

  9. Waffles, First Puppy Pic

    Waffles, First Puppy Pic

    3 Weeks Old
  10. Chicken is good

    Chicken is good

    7 Month Lola loves Chicken
  11. christmas photos

    christmas photos

    our wanna be boxer haha.
  12. sleeping babies

    sleeping babies

    Shelby and Reilly at 8 weeks.
  13. Good boy

    Good boy

    Chewie is not allowed in the kitchen, so instead he lays down and gives me puppy eyes cause he KNOWS how cute he is, yet still has that one paw in the "forbidden zone".
  14. Bella Ann Looking to Heaven

    Bella Ann Looking to Heaven

    Bella Ann, 4 months old posing for her Christmas photo
  15. Louis squashing Kuda

    Louis squashing Kuda

    Here i was worrying about them not getting on...im so proud of our old girl with what she puts up with.!
  16. Louis @ 8.5 weeks

    Louis @ 8.5 weeks

    This is Louis when he was 8.5 weeks he is now 13 weeks old.
  17. Enjoying the sunshine

    Enjoying the sunshine

    First day here, and she's so relaxed and happy!
  18. Sasha loves flowers...

    Sasha loves flowers...

    Hehe she discovered the front lawn today!
  19. Micky at 8 weeks

    Micky at 8 weeks

    Micky at around 8 weeks
  20. My new Puppy

    My new Puppy

    The female is on the left and the male is one the right. I have been talking to a breeder and I am planning on getting the female.