1. Aspen at 1 1/2 weeks old

    Aspen at 1 1/2 weeks old

  2. Jakin home from vet

    Jakin home from vet

    This is the 1st day that Jakin's has had is ears taped
  3. Roxy saying her prayers

    Roxy saying her prayers

    Now you lay me down to sleep..I pray the lord my soul to keep..Amen.
  4. Playing


    Orion and my dad's dog Einstein, having some fun.
  5. Our Pup

    Our Pup

    This one is going to be our puppy!! (hopefully!)
  6. Tyke's Puppies

    Tyke's Puppies

    This is our friends dog Tyke, she had nine puppies on May 16th, and we are getting one!!!
  7. Huh?


    Bodhi went hiking with daddy & the kids & discovered swimming!
  8. Air Charlie

    Air Charlie

  9. Momma Dog

    Momma Dog

    Yes I have dubed her with a name Momma Dog....Some A@#hole put this darling out to wander and be abused...but of course I couldnt let that happen....She is a sweety and I am trying to find homes for her and her 10 puppies..any help will be very appreciated.. contact me at; bgoodman@app-net.com
  10. otto and siblings

    otto and siblings

    otto and his bro and two sis. he's the one on the left and he's all mine.
  11. Can I take a picture too?

    Can I take a picture too?

  12. Molly 6 weeks

    Molly 6 weeks

    Just resting after a hard day playing
  13. Queen of the hill

    Queen of the hill

    Rebel at 5 months.
  14. Just hiding out!

    Just hiding out!

    Rebels hiding spot from Scooter.
  15. Rebel & Scooter

    Rebel & Scooter

    This is Scooter showing Rebel how to pose. Rebel is 8 weeks old here.
  16. snow day

    snow day

    Playing in the snow at 5 1/2 months!
  17. LOOK


  18. Champ in a bag

    Champ in a bag

  19. Sleeping... again

    Sleeping... again

  20. Champ


    Champ, 12 weeks old