1. Posing


    Laila posing calmly for the camera...what a ham
  2. I'm just sittin here

    I'm just sittin here

    Jersey at the dog park all alone he must not realize that SOME dogs go home when it starts to get dark. *lol*
  3. Wilson looking gorgeous.

    Wilson looking gorgeous.

    A face just for kissing. *smooch*!
  4. Stay....Good Girl!

    Stay....Good Girl!

    Abbey 9mths. old
  5. Cheeeese!!!


    Smile for the Camera Girls!!!
  6. Photogenic


    Here I am posing again.:)
  7. Mocha posing

    Mocha posing

    Mocha decides to strike a pose
  8. Molly Posing

    Molly Posing

  9. Posing Girl

    Posing Girl

    Are you done yet Mommy?
  10. posing baby

    posing baby

    I am human, mommie, I swear...
  11. scooby doo future model

    scooby doo future model

    scooby doo posing