1. Snoozing


  2. Riding in Mom's truck

    Riding in Mom's truck

  3. On holiday!

    On holiday!

    Having a great time in Hawaii. See you when I get back.
  4. Shake a paw?

    Shake a paw?

    Hey Mom, got a cookie??
  5. Pretty boy!

    Pretty boy!

    What a pretty boy!
  6. Thinking.....


    Just looking around.
  7. Time to rest.

    Time to rest.

    Popeye is resting on the arm of his favourite couch.
  8. Mountain Dog!

    Mountain Dog!

    This is Popeye mountain climbing.
  9. Can I move now?

    Can I move now?

    Popeye is sitting in the livingroom being very patient as his picture is taken. (May 2002)
  10. Tennis, anyone?

    Tennis, anyone?

    Popeye posing in tennis shoes.