1. Up!


    Dietz playing with Dad and his worn out frisbee.
  2. Told you I bite back

    Told you I bite back

    9 month old Jersey getting Ozzy back for chewing on his face. {Ozzy's face is priceless} ("You don't have to yell Jersey")
  3. Aircropped Ears

    Aircropped Ears

    Why crop when these are natural? Airborn, of course!
  4. Funny face...

    Funny face...

    Zilla playing with Kell...
  5. Happy at Play

    Happy at Play

    Thought it was cute so snapped a shot of my MiniPinscher and Kayla playing.
  6. Powder at play

    Powder at play

  7. Hoku at 5months

    Hoku at 5months

    So you want to play hard ball
  8. We love water Kongs

    We love water Kongs

    These to boxer buds are priceless!! Jersey is the one in the front they are so much alike they even have to wear their ears the same style didn't you know? This season it's the latest style for natural eared boxers to wear on back and one forward it's supposibly all the rage *lol* Jersey 6...
  9. Wanna play?

    Wanna play?

    Close-up of 8 week old Elmer who is ready to play.
  10. Wanna play?

    Wanna play?

    The famous chin-on-the-ground-butt-in-the-air stance.
  11. Lazy play

    Lazy play

    This is what my girls do when they are tired of running around playing..they lay down and kinda talk and growl at eachtother while mouth to mouth...then they will kiss eachother
  12. Callie


    Callie just took a break from chasing mollie through the house....
  13. Playing Stick

    Playing Stick

  14. Ready to play

    Ready to play

    Higgins in true 'want to play' mode.
  15. Yeah! Mr. Pig has a good  taste!

    Yeah! Mr. Pig has a good taste!

    It was fun. I got Boris sleeping while it was playing with Mr. Pig.
  16. Loving his tennis ball

    Loving his tennis ball

    He loves to chew on the ball and catch it.
  17. Pesky Puppy

    Pesky Puppy

    Puppy Killian is beating up on his patient big brother Buckley
  18. You ain't gettin' away

    You ain't gettin' away

    When they have a goal in mind, Boxers just won't quit.
  19. Who says I'm not graceful?

    Who says I'm not graceful?

    The camera captures images of Indy at play that the eye doesn't
  20. Ronan(Boxer) and Bleu(Lab) being silly

    Ronan(Boxer) and Bleu(Lab) being silly

    Ronan, my Boxer and his new brother Bleu, my Black Lab.