1. Wiry Haired

    Wiry Haired

    Jersey in the mud room, looking for Dad to come in.
  2. Shaking a paw

    Shaking a paw

    Jersey shows she can shake a paw any time!
  3. Dressed for the Cold

    Dressed for the Cold

    Our model, Jersey, is seen here sporting the latest in winter fashion - a warm fleece coat to last one season!
  4. Jersey on the hunt

    Jersey on the hunt

    Jersey and best friend Hershey playing in the yard, looks like Jersey is on the prowl - a great huntress in the making!
  5. Jersey takes a break

    Jersey takes a break

    Jersey takes a break from her crazy playing, with the famous rubber chicken. I've decided to post all future pics on our website (and save Olly some server space). You can see them on our website at
  6. Lucy In The Grass!

    Lucy In The Grass!

    This was Lucy's first trip to our big backyard. She loved it and it was so much fun to watch!
  7. Lucy!


    Our new family member! Lucy is 8 weeks old and absolutely lovable and fun.
  8. Buddy, Angel and Tiger

    Buddy, Angel and Tiger

    These guys just love each other.
  9. Jackson