1. My elder dog

    My elder dog

    This is Pepper, my 12 year old lab mix. She is a rescue.
  2. Please Let us Outside!

    Please Let us Outside!

    Sadie and Pepper begging at the door to be let out.
  3. Watch out Sadie!!

    Watch out Sadie!!

    Here is Pepper getting ready to pounce on Sadie and steal her toy.
  4. What are you doing Mommy??

    What are you doing Mommy??

    Here is Sadie and Pepper wondering what I am doing.
  5. I'm still waiting.....

    I'm still waiting.....

    Here is Pepper sitting for her treat.
  6. Where's my doggie treat?

    Where's my doggie treat?

    Here is Pepper sitting and trying to wait patiently while I get her dog treat. She is 4 months old in this pic.
  7. Whoo-hoo!  I got it!

    Whoo-hoo! I got it!

    Pepper was so happy when she finally got the purple bunny away from Sadie.
  8. Pepper sitting on her Mommy's lap.

    Pepper sitting on her Mommy's lap.

    Here is Pepper sitting on my lap. (8 weeks old in this pic)
  9. Bed Time

    Bed Time

    Here is Pepper at 8 weeks old sleeping by her Daddy.