1. camping photo

    camping photo

    camping in arkansas
  2. tangled


    patrick, all decorated for valentines day
  3. paint


    we were painting...patrick rubbed against the wall. he needed to help.
  4. spaghetti


    patrick got into the spaghetti. whoops!
  5. blue


    this is patrick in our NEW HOUSE in the "blue room"
  6. eatin junk

    eatin junk

  7. lookin


  8. chillin


  9. handsome guy

    handsome guy

  10. what?


    aren't they just like people?
  11. peanutbutter licker

    peanutbutter licker

    this is my little peanutbutter lover!!!
  12. patrick and mr. bigglesworth

    patrick and mr. bigglesworth

    this is patrick and his buddy/chew toy----mr. bigglesworth.
  13. frogg


    i know, you thought he was a boxer.......nope he's really a frog!!!!
  14. patrick and chad

    patrick and chad

    this is my husband chad holdin patrick
  15. pat and kitty

    pat and kitty

    "i love to lick my kitty"
  16. patrick in "his" bed

    patrick in "his" bed

    this is patrick in "his" bed, he just lets us sleep there too.
  17. patrick's "sexy" gaze

    patrick's "sexy" gaze

    this is what my husband calls patrick's "sexy play~dog" pose!!!!! and my husband really was sleeping at the time.
  18. patrick on the floor

    patrick on the floor

    this is patrick laying on my sister's floor by his favorite pair of shoes to chew on......mine!
  19. patrick's big head!!!!

    patrick's big head!!!!

    this is patrick's big head.
  20. patrick and the fuzzy ball

    patrick and the fuzzy ball

    this is patrick at my parent's house in the kitchen playing ball with my dad (who's taking the picture)