1. Plum Tuckered Out

    Plum Tuckered Out

    Samson...tired...doing his nightly "boxer crash." I am not the best picture taker in the world...good centering on this one, ha!
  2. Caesar in LA LA Land

    Caesar in LA LA Land

    Caesar likes to sleep with eyes open, but first time with tongue out
  3. cooling down

    cooling down

    Sergeant sitting in front of the fan trying to get cool in our 35 degree c. weather.
  4. Pony legs!!!

    Pony legs!!!

    She loves to bat at everyone with these long ole' legs. It's why we call her my little pony!!
  5. Joe-Joe


  6. Callie


    I think Callie was having a moment, she was just kinda staring at her shadown in the sunlight..right after the picture she attacked it!!
  7. Mollie


    This is Mollie's favorite place to lay down after a busy day of watching out the window
  8. Yo....s'up


    Yo...s'up. I'm Xena the boxer and I got somethin to say... (you're giving me a cookie for this right?...
  9. what? im cold to.

    what? im cold to.

    he was cold so he got by the fire place. we thought it was soo cute ,lol ..:*)
  10. Who are you?

    Who are you?

    They have been really good togeather so far.
  11. Time out

    Time out

    Best Friends get tired together. Good thing Jassy has a soft butt
  12. Benson on the grass!

    Benson on the grass!

  13. Casey sprawled out

    Casey sprawled out

    This is how Casey sleeps. Well, either like this or with all 4 of her legs stiff and straight out so that she takes up the whole bed.
  14. Rocky Brown

    Rocky Brown

    He is fed up chasing it so, what does a boxer do? Destroy it!
  15. Here comes Dad!

    Here comes Dad!

    Morgan & Lexi