1. StormiesMom

    Legs giving out... :(

    Stormie is 11 1/2. She's always been "petite", never had major health issues, and never been overweight. She gets walked and has a lot of running play time... until the last 6 months or so. She has declined in energy rather rapidly and in the last couple of months I've noticed her legs are...
  2. Little_pint


  3. Gotti 12wks old

    Gotti 12wks old

    Gotti waiting to get to grandma's house!
  4. Gotti11wks


    Here is Gotti at 11weeks heading to work with me in the truck.
  5. Gotti6wks


    Here is Gotti at 6wks taken from the breeder we got him from.
  6. Louis squashing Kuda

    Louis squashing Kuda

    Here i was worrying about them not getting on...im so proud of our old girl with what she puts up with.!
  7. Dodger (runt of the litter)

    Dodger (runt of the litter)

  8. Beautiful girl!

    Beautiful girl!

    Xena sitting pretty for a snapshot!
  9. Gazou and family

    Gazou and family

    This is Gazou at 3 weeks old he is the fawn on the left hand side.
  10. enjoying the view from inside

    enjoying the view from inside

    This is the bay window that Jazz has taken over, she can keep an eye on one end of the street to the other. In summer she lays in the sun for hours here.
  11. Holly


  12. Vegas @ 2 Weeks

    Vegas @ 2 Weeks

    This was the day we found out he was a perfectly heathly little boy and he would be coming home with us!
  13. Vegas@2Days


    The day we met our little baby!
  14. Delilah Very Little Baby

    Delilah Very Little Baby

    Picture from breeder. Delilah just a few days old with big daddy!
  15. Sadie Bear

    Sadie Bear

    This is Sadie standing around in the kitchen...
  16. Teak at the Beach

    Teak at the Beach

  17. Soccer anyone?

    Soccer anyone?

    This is silly Spencer, my mom's baby. This is what we call the "challenge" pose! He loves to play soccer...but he doesn't play fair!
  18. Baxter - 4 Weeks Old

    Baxter - 4 Weeks Old

    This is our first Boxer boy Baxter! He is 4 weeks old in this photo and we pick him up from the breeder on 3/29. We are so excited!
  19. Tyson


    pix taken 1 week after ears cropoping.
  20. Tyson


    second week after ear cropping.U can see how is right ear is turning in. We had his ears taped or two weeks after this pix and turned out beautiful