1. I Did Not Bother The Tree MOM!!!

    I Did Not Bother The Tree MOM!!!

    Samson caught in the act, ha. He loves to do the boxer burn across the back yard and jump into the tree and steal branches!
  2. Not A Cat

    Not A Cat

    The one evening Samson climbed onto the back of the couch.
  3. I didn't do it!

    I didn't do it!

    Looks like another "I didn't do it" kind of day. Ha ha ha.
  4. What's up?

    What's up?

    Here is our little feller, trying to figure out just what that thing is that flashes all the time! WOOF!
  5. Mason & Santa

    Mason & Santa

  6. Sadie & mom

    Sadie & mom

    This is my sweet baby tyring her best not to get her pic taken...mayeb she thougt she was having a bad "fur" day...
  7. My Booys

    My Booys

    Allyn and Mason catching zzz's
  8. Not funny

    Not funny

  9. Dads not home

    Dads not home

    Sneeky girl, dads not home so I'll sleep on the chair.
  10. Psycho Dog !!

    Psycho Dog !!