1. Getting a massage

    Getting a massage

    She loves it when we use this particular massager on her. Spoiled, I tell ya!
  2. What sign?

    What sign?

    Nikki wanted to wade in the water so bad. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but she did for just a little while!
  3. Totally posing

    Totally posing

    I turned around, and saw her posing like this on our bed. I just had to get this shot before she moved! She looks like she's smiling too, LOL.
  4. Shaving the whiskers

    Shaving the whiskers

    Ant is so allergic to Nikki's whiskers, he has to shave them off every week.
  5. Another pic w/Mommy & Daddy

    Another pic w/Mommy & Daddy

    Nikki was so tired in this pic. She just finished playing w/my 2 nieces (ages 3 & 4). No matter how much we tried to get her to look at the camera, she just wouldn't budge.
  6. Thirsty girl!

    Thirsty girl!

    Nikki got so thirsty after romping around at Point Isabel. Sampson is in the background, he's so cute!
  7. Fun in the water

    Fun in the water

    Nikki playing in the waters at Point Isabel.
  8. Mason following Nikki

    Mason following Nikki

    Taken at Point Isabel in Richmond, CA.
  9. Mini Boxer Bash

    Mini Boxer Bash

    Janet & Sandra with Boxer Cuties: Nikki, Mason, & Sampson. 7/4/03 at Point Isabel (Richmond, CA)
  10. Running with Daddy

    Running with Daddy

    Huntington Beach, CA (Bolsa Chica Dog Beach)
  11. Looking out to the sea

    Looking out to the sea

    Huntington Beach, CA (Bolsa Chica Dog Beach)
  12. What cha doin'?

    What cha doin'?

    This is Nikki interrupting Ant while he's on the laptop. She does the same thing to me while I'm on the computer. Such an attention-getter, hehe.
  13. Posing w/Mommy

    Posing w/Mommy

    I'm so proud of Nikki here. She actually looked at the camera! She's usually very distracted.
  14. This is what happens to Nikki's bed after her Daddy gives her a bath.
  15. Nikki w/Daddy & Mommy

    Nikki w/Daddy & Mommy

    Nikki w/Daddy & Mommy
  16. Nikki


    This is our 3 1/2 year old female brindle. Had her since she was 3 mos. She's a wonderful little girl, and she has mastered the art of tooting!
  17. My Little "Nikki" Girl

    My Little "Nikki" Girl

    Our Sweet White Girl! Isn't she a cutie!! :)