1. new baby

    new baby

    Layla's little brother
  2. new baby

    new baby

    This is Layla's new brother.
  3. my boys!

    my boys!

    our new adoptee Tyson and our baby Tyler coming to find out where mommy ran off to. . .
  4. if they only knew what was coming . . .

    if they only knew what was coming . . .

    my boys in the tub before their very first bath together - and it actually went quite wonderfully!
  5. Awaiting my pleasure!

    Awaiting my pleasure!

    This is my pup! She is only 8 weeks right now.
  6. Bambi


    This is my new girl Bambi:)
  7. Gretzky


  8. Isabella


    Our new girl, Isabella (Bella for short). Already she's a hit!
  9. Am I in trouble?

    Am I in trouble?

    Look at that face! I guess Sissy didn't get to get on the couch at her old house. She's sleeping on it all the time now!
  10. I'm HOME!

    I'm HOME!

    This was on Sissy's first day home. She fit right in! Her one year b-day is 04-24-03!
  11. Ki and Bella

    Ki and Bella

    Ki and Bella in the yard.
  12. mugsy


  13. Why do you do this to me?

    Why do you do this to me?

    Ginger with a new pair of shoes.
  14. Dakota


    boxer puppy pic
  15. Star


    My little girl loves to take pictures
  16. New Arrival Freddy

    New Arrival Freddy

    Here is the latest addition to the family. Freddy is soooo cute!
  17. Jasmine & Austin

    Jasmine & Austin

  18. Plumb tuckered out

    Plumb tuckered out

    He's sleeping on Dad's sweater in his new bed.
  19. new baby girl

    new baby girl

    New girl in town!