1. Athena


    Athena 7 weeks old
  2. duke


    he is trying to figure out what i am doing.
  3. Lucy In The Grass!

    Lucy In The Grass!

    This was Lucy's first trip to our big backyard. She loved it and it was so much fun to watch!
  4. Lucy!


    Our new family member! Lucy is 8 weeks old and absolutely lovable and fun.
  5. Max and Mom

    Max and Mom

    I can't believe how tiny he was!!
  6. Max playing with his toy

    Max playing with his toy

  7. Handsome max

    Handsome max

    Another handsome shot.
  8. My handsome little man

    My handsome little man

    lovely pose........I love my dog!!
  9. In Yer Face!

    In Yer Face!

    nice close up, Max!
  10. 'the position'

    'the position'

    the most comfy position!
  11. Maximus at 8 weeks

    Maximus at 8 weeks

    was he really this small???
  12. 'family version' of Max

    'family version' of Max

    I censored this pic with the black line...for family viewing! :-)
  13. Maximus at 8 weeks

    Maximus at 8 weeks

    One of the first pics of our boy Maximus