WOW! I really am cute
  2. Im pouting

    Im pouting

    I'm mad! Mom wont let me eat the cat
  3. Nanuk licking his lips

    Nanuk licking his lips

    UUUMMMMM whats mom cooking
  4. Nanuk and pandora

    Nanuk and pandora

    Here I am lying with my sister Pandora, she doesnt like me much
  5. nanuk  closes his eyes

    nanuk closes his eyes

    I close my eyes with the flash
  6. Nanuk Stretching

    Nanuk Stretching

    Nanuk just getting up from a nap with a big stretch
  7. nanuk posing

    nanuk posing

    Nanuk posing for the camera with his bottom teeth sticking out
  8. nanuk very relaxed

    nanuk very relaxed

    Nanuk air it out,spread eagle
  9. Nanuk sleeping

    Nanuk sleeping

    Nanuk about to go to sleep
  10. Nanuk sleeping comfortably

    Nanuk sleeping comfortably

    Nanuk sleeping in a very comfortably postion
  11. Dont come any closer

    Dont come any closer

    Have to act like im sleeping so that giant cat wont come any closer to me
  12. My little buddy

    My little buddy

    Here Is my best friend the day mom and dad brought him home at 8 weeks old.
  13. WOW ! PEPPER!!!

    WOW ! PEPPER!!!

    Too much pepper! aaaachhuuuu!!!
  14. Girls ! Girls ! Girls!

    Girls ! Girls ! Girls!

    I'm dreaming of my girlfriend
  15. I wish Rambeaux would quite smelling me

    I wish Rambeaux would quite smelling me

    My grandmas dog wouldn't leave me alone i was scared of him, he just kept on sniffing me
  16. posing


    I'm posing cause I see mom has the camera
  17. Me with Alex and Emelie

    Me with Alex and Emelie

    I love my brother and sister
  18. I'm soooo handsome

    I'm soooo handsome

    The day my mom and dad brought me home at 5 weeks old they gave me a puppet which im sleeping by.
  19. Please!!!


    Here I am begging and saying please
  20. Anything for a kiss

    Anything for a kiss

    I just love the camera, and I'll do anything for a kiss.