1. Yeah! Mr. Pig has a good  taste!

    Yeah! Mr. Pig has a good taste!

    It was fun. I got Boris sleeping while it was playing with Mr. Pig.
  2. Boris sleeping with Mr. Pig.

    Boris sleeping with Mr. Pig.

    Here, Boris was 2 weeks with us, it loves this toy. I decided to call the toy Mr. Pig. God knows how glad We are to have Boris with us!
  3. Help, I'm sideways!

    Help, I'm sideways!

    Hi, it's Magoo. If you tilt your head to the side, you can see me better. That's Mom's fault...
  4. The Odd Couple

    The Odd Couple

    How he got his tongue to look like that, I still don't know...would have been a perfect photo otherwise!!
  5. Magoo in Portland, ME

    Magoo in Portland, ME

    Penney's Mr. Silas Magoo enjoying Portland, May 2000
  6. Pride and Joy

    Pride and Joy

    My baby boy at 3 weeks old, October 2000. Easy to see why I fell in love...
  7. McPuppy


    This was the perfect photo op--driving along this summer with the AC full blast, & while we were at a stoplight, he polished off the rest of my fries without my even realizing it...until he crinkled the bag & burped.
  8. GQ pupster

    GQ pupster

    All it takes is the sound of the flash charging up...
  9. Hey!!!


    I got Magoo all fired up and he started singing...he really likes The Allman Brothers!!!
  10. Penney's Mr. Silas Magoo, 15 months old

    Penney's Mr. Silas Magoo, 15 months old

    I couldn't believe how well Magoo matched the floor in our new apartment!!