1. Mosely & his "dad"

    Mosely & his "dad"

    It's sunday afternoon, and it is nap time with the "old man"!
  2. heads together

    heads together

    Mosely, 3 months old... Learning to sleep together on the most comfy place... the sofa.
  3. Mosely with colour

    Mosely with colour

    The speckles are spreading... The dogs both love fleece blankets!
  4. Mosely with a favourite toy

    Mosely with a favourite toy

    Mosely is great at posing
  5. Spotty & Mosely

    Spotty & Mosely

    Mosely is 11 weeks here. Spotty is learning to let Mosely get close!
  6. Mosely with cousin Nolan

    Mosely with cousin Nolan

    At Christmas Mosely got to meet all the family, including a budding dog-lover, cousin Nolan!
  7. warm & colourful

    warm & colourful

    This wonderfully colourful throw is also sooooo warm!
  8. Hoping for Grub....

    Hoping for Grub....

    I had Spotty learn to wait on his mat while I cook, now Mosely (Oscar in other photos!) is picking up on the trick...
  9. Getting used to new things!

    Getting used to new things!

    Spotty is slowly getting used to having a wee little bouncy brother... sleeping okay....
  10. Keeping warm....

    Keeping warm.... easy when you have a fireplace & a big pillow to curl up on!
  11. I love this sofa!

    I love this sofa!

    He's taken to the sofa, just like his big brother, Spot!
  12. Spotty & Mose take over the sofa

    Spotty & Mose take over the sofa

    Spotty will let his new puppy sleep on him... but not play with him!
  13. Getting used to a crate...

    Getting used to a crate...

    I'm very unsure about the whole crate business!
  14. Hello, Boxerworld! I'm new!

    Hello, Boxerworld! I'm new!

    This is Spotty's new puppy, named Mosely... He is 8 weeks old in this photo.