1. Gazou's mom

    Gazou's mom

    This is Gazou's mom Abby and his brothers and sisters
  2. I Did Not Bother The Tree MOM!!!

    I Did Not Bother The Tree MOM!!!

    Samson caught in the act, ha. He loves to do the boxer burn across the back yard and jump into the tree and steal branches!
  3. Me and Baby Gunner cuddling

    Me and Baby Gunner cuddling

    Not my fav or me, but my most fav or Gunner when he was a baby, snoozing with Mom.
  4. My Lawn Chair

    My Lawn Chair

    Rayne just had to grab the last lawn chair and be part of the party. She claimed it the rest of the night LOL
  5. Boomer and Frost

    Boomer and Frost

  6. 4 Months Old

    4 Months Old

    Rayne @ 4 Months Old
  7. My Pony

    My Pony

    Rayne proudly playing with her stuffed pony.
  8. Pixie at Play

    Pixie at Play

    I finally got nice pics of my filly. She was enjoying her time outside yesterday.
  9. Dreaming


    I snapped this pic of Rayne while she was sleeping. She does alot of sleeping with her tongue hanging out and sometimes it moves!!! Too Cute!!
  10. Mom & Rocco

    Mom & Rocco

    Rocco sitting on Mommy's lap
  11. Puppy Kisses

    Puppy Kisses

    Rayne taking care of her best friend Izzy.
  12. Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Rayne and her best friend Izzy, my best firends 15 week old Rotti
  13. Pixie


    This is Pixie, my other Christmas present this year. Pixie is a 6 month old Warmblood filly. Qh & Belgiam cross.
  14. Delstar


    Delstar our 13yr old Germ. Shep Aussie Cattle mix enjoying the snow.
  15. Annastasia


    Here is Annastasia, a bit shy but loves ya forever once she warms up to you.
  16. Holden at rest

    Holden at rest

    Summer 2002
  17. Rayne & Daddy

    Rayne & Daddy

    Here is my New Dad and I, I think I will like sleeping with him.
  18. Skinkid 2

    Skinkid 2

    Ok, Skinkid #2 wanted in on the fun too, I think they call him Nick.
  19. Skinkid 1

    Skinkid 1

    So here I am with the oldest Skinkid, I think they call her Shelly.
  20. All the Kids

    All the Kids

    Ok so here are all the kids..well not all we forgot the cat & the horse.