1. Mia turns 16!

    Mia turns 16!

  2. Mia Tilting Her Head

    Mia Tilting Her Head

  3. Mia Sitting Down

    Mia Sitting Down

  4. Mia laying down

    Mia laying down

  5. Side


    Look at my pose!
  6. What Chu Talking

    What Chu Talking

    "What Chu Talking bout Willis?"
  7. Howdy


    Howdy Folks
  8. Mug Shot

    Mug Shot

    All I need is the Name Plate and I am a "true" convict.
  9. Party Time

    Party Time

    Arent we the party animals
  10. Hanging Out

    Hanging Out

    My Favorite Spot
  11. "You know I love the pillow"

    "You know I love the pillow"