1. I didn't do it!

    I didn't do it!

    Looks like another "I didn't do it" kind of day. Ha ha ha.
  2. Our Family

    Our Family

    Family Photo
  3. Zoe


  4. Family photo!

    Family photo!

    This was about six months after Sissy had been home with us. She's a doll!
  5. i love cheese

    i love cheese

    Typical dutch
  6. lexis


    Grampa,stop tickeling me!!
  7. lexis


    The joys of being a single parent! It's she cute?
  8. Lexis


    What are you looking at?
  9. Cooling out

    Cooling out

  10. Walk me!!!!

    Walk me!!!!

  11. my new baby

    my new baby

    My new baby at 3 1/2 weeks old
  12. Who me?

    Who me?

    This is her notorius look of, "Who me mommie?" LOL
  13. Cindy Derek and Parker

    Cindy Derek and Parker

    Taken outside in our backyard.
  14. i love snow

    i love snow

    its cold out here..let me in
  15. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Resting up for the big night!