1. Hey - that's mine!

    Hey - that's mine!

    Buster: "You have garlic breath." Maggie: "Do not. Shut up and give me the ball."
  2. Thanksgiving Memories

    Thanksgiving Memories

    Carlos (dark brown chihuahua) and Maggie on Thanksgiving 2001. Carlos passed away 8 months later at the ripe old age of 14 and I'm so glad one of his lifelong dreams came true... to have that darn turkey all to himself! *grin* He didn't have the teeth or jaw strength to do more than gum that...
  3. Boo boo kisses

    Boo boo kisses

    Just home from her surgery to have a mass removed from her foot, Buster tries to make Maggie feel better by nibbling on her bandage.
  4. Whatcha sniffing?

    Whatcha sniffing?

    Find something good?
  5. double trouble

    double trouble

    Who? Us?
  6. best friends

    best friends

    Now that's love!
  7. snow bunnies

    snow bunnies

    This stuff is so much fun to play in!
  8. What is this stuff?

    What is this stuff?

    They couldn't wait to get out in this.
  9. Smile!


    Maggie posing for the camera
  10. Maggie portrait

    Maggie portrait

    Se's so pretty!
  11. our two girls

    our two girls

    These two are already begging for treats in unison
  12. mags1


    Pretty girl
  13. Jake & Maggie

    Jake & Maggie

    Jake and Maggie lounging on the couch
  14. They love that couch

    They love that couch

    Caesar Jake Maggie cuddling
  15. Puppy love

    Puppy love

    They love to cuddle
  16. Sleeping Beauties

    Sleeping Beauties

  17. Caesar, Maggie

    Caesar, Maggie

    Hey turn off the lights!!
  18. Yawning in the sunshine

    Yawning in the sunshine

    Their fave spot when the sun is shining. Makes me sleepy just watching... *yawn*
  19. Maggie keeps the pressure on

    Maggie keeps the pressure on

    Buster may be faster than his smaller sister, but she is persistent! And always gets the ball in the end... :-)
  20. Catch me if you can!

    Catch me if you can!

    Buster steals Maggie's ball...and the chase is on!