1. Just doing some "chill"  time...

    Just doing some "chill" time...

    Mac and Brandi just chilling out...
  2. What's zzzaatt....?

    What's zzzaatt....?

    Mac and Scamp seem to have found an object of mutual interest!
  3. Kimber & Mac playing tug of war

    Kimber & Mac playing tug of war

  4. Cute pic in tunnel

    Cute pic in tunnel

  5. "Friends"


    After a busy day of party and play....zzzzzzz!
  6. 1,2,3...and the Brick wins!

    1,2,3...and the Brick wins!

    :) Actually, after a long day Mac and my "other" half take a breather.
  7. Me and my "grandpa"

    Me and my "grandpa"

    After some serious playing, Mac and my Dad take a break.
  8. "The Brick"

    "The Brick"

    He's not to sure this is as comfy as his chair.
  9. The Present

    The Present

    Mac is really busy here trying to get the bow! He was having a ball!
  10. Mac at Christmas

    Mac at Christmas

    This one's mine, all mine!
  11. Mac having fun!

    Mac having fun!

    Mac having fun with his favorite toy. He is 5 months old in this pic