1. Miss Lucy

    Miss Lucy

  2. Lucy and Baxter

    Lucy and Baxter

    Lucy (boxer) 8 months and Baxter (pug) 1 1/2 years. And to think at one time he was bigger than her. That didn't last long.
  3. Lucy rolling over

    Lucy rolling over

    Lucy rolling over. Action photo.
  4. Lucy shaking

    Lucy shaking

    Lucy shaking. What good manners! Now if we could get her to do that to guests instead of jumping on them.
  5. Staring into space!

    Staring into space!

    Just staring into space. Lucy at 7 months.
  6. So peaceful

    So peaceful

    So peaceful when she's resting. Lucy at 7 months.
  7. Comfy!


    Kinda hard to see Lucy(boxer) here cause Baxter(pug) decided he wanted to lay on top of her.
  8. EARS


    And we didn't even have to do anything to get those ears to do that.
  9. Baxter and Lucy

    Baxter and Lucy

    Baxter (pug) and Lucy (Boxer) what amazing things a treat will do.
  10. Just looking beautiful

    Just looking beautiful

  11. Waiting for Daddy to come home

    Waiting for Daddy to come home

    My son Joshua and our boxer Lucy love to watch out the window for my husband to come home from work.
  12. Lucy


    Lucy sleeping on couch with favorite stuffed animal
  13. Lucy Ball

    Lucy Ball

    The first day we brough Lucy home.
  14. I love Lucy!

    I love Lucy!

    Alex giving Lucy some lovin'!
  15. Lucy being a good girl!

    Lucy being a good girl!

    Lucy at 8 weeks and 11 pounds.
  16. Look at my nub

    Look at my nub

    Make sure you get my nub in the picture, mom!
  17. Lucy's cat

    Lucy's cat

    Lucy and Katie, snuggles on Christmas morning
  18. the rough life

    the rough life

    Not a care in the world. This is the life!!
  19. Lucy & Josie sleeping

    Lucy & Josie sleeping

    Little sleepers, already best friends.
  20. Doc & Lucy meet

    Doc & Lucy meet

    Doc meets his new little sis Lucy.