1. happy birthday elvis

    happy birthday elvis

    when we told the photographer that it was Elvis' birthday, she responded by placing this cake in the shot.
  2. belle is so content

    belle is so content

    this is belle reelaxing on her couch
  3. Ali


    here is our photogenic 4 month old (Ali)
  4. I want to be blonde

    I want to be blonde

    Cyrus wanted to see if my daughters hair was real
  5. but now i am

    but now i am

    caught him in the act
  6. i need a rest

    i need a rest

  7. give us a kiss

    give us a kiss

  8. lazy


    Cyrus likes to be comfortable!
  9. kiss


    Cyrus is so loving
  10. Loving his tennis ball

    Loving his tennis ball

    He loves to chew on the ball and catch it.
  11. Got it!

    Got it!

    He liked it so much he took it
  12. can i have this?

    can i have this?

    Cyrus though the tinsel suited him
  13. Sadie & Aunt Weeza

    Sadie & Aunt Weeza

    Sadie loves her Aunt Weeza, and her hair!
  14. Loving


  15. chance loves his bubba

    chance loves his bubba

    chance loves his bubba
  16. Hurry! Take the picture!

    Hurry! Take the picture!

    Sugar loves to take pictures! She'll run up to me whenever she sees me bring out the camera. But this day she wasn't too happy about having to sit while I took the picture. She seen daddy mowing the lawn and wanted to go outside with him.
  17. Barking


    Bonzo's always ready for the camera. He's a natural.