1. StormiesMom

    Painted our "late" Stormie... 1 year since she ran over the Rainbow Bridge

    I don't know if this is allowed, but I just finished painting our precious Stormie...she ran over the Rainbow Bridge exactly 1 year ago (yesterday). I painted this for our son, and was just fine until I painted her eyes, and it was almost like "she was there" all of a sudden. She is dearly...
  2. Oh how cute!

    Oh how cute!

    Cody and Seamus
  3. Groovy Kinda Love

    Groovy Kinda Love

    Zilla kisses...
  4. Tanner & Morgan

    Tanner & Morgan

    Tanner was Morgan's "baby" from the beginning.
  5. Sibling love

    Sibling love

    We love each other ( :
  6. mugsey and eric

    mugsey and eric

  7. portia's 1st birthday

    portia's 1st birthday

  8. WE love water

    WE love water

    Brandi, Jake, Maggie love water but not Caesar
  9. water lovers

    water lovers

    Playing in the water
  10. meeting george

    meeting george

    This was our first visit to meet George
  11. Merry Christmas 2001

    Merry Christmas 2001

  12. I LOVE my man!

    I LOVE my man!

    Maggie LOVES Butch!