1. Couch


    He loves this couch.. For some reason this is HIS couch!
  2. luther lounging

    luther lounging

    My boxer basking in the sun
  3. Lady Lounging

    Lady Lounging

    Lady just waking up from a nap.
  4. Wookie Lounging Around

    Wookie Lounging Around

    Wookie's favorite place to just lounge around.
  5. Hannah lounging

    Hannah lounging

    Hannah lounging
  6. Tony Stretched out

    Tony Stretched out

    Tony sleeping on the back of the coutch.
  7. Lounging Dog

    Lounging Dog

  8. Hello world!

    Hello world!

    Hello World! This is ChiChi and I am a ham for the camera
  9. Lounging around the house

    Lounging around the house

    Sugar and my 8-year-old, hanging out.