1. Wally and Reuben hear a noise

    Wally and Reuben hear a noise

  2. Lara looking up

    Lara looking up

    Lara's 'watch me' command came in handy for this photo.
  3. Where's Dinner??

    Where's Dinner??

    Laila tring to finds some left-overs!
  4. Lily Looking Up

    Lily Looking Up

    Lily Lookin' Up!
  5. Wilson's big 'ol face

    Wilson's big 'ol face

    I swear he looks human sometimes. Just look at that expression!
  6. Smile!


    Maggie posing for the camera
  7. You Talking To ME?

    You Talking To ME?

    It's like he said, WHAT DO YOU WANT!
  8. You're taking my picture again?

    You're taking my picture again?

  9. Bear looking upward

    Bear looking upward

    Bear, my "squirrel hound"...looking up the tree for the squirrel he just missed!
  10. lexis


    Lexis at 1 yrs old this month
  11. titan visiting breeder

    titan visiting breeder

  12. LEWIS


  13. Can I go?

    Can I go?

  14. Mr. Leroy

    Mr. Leroy

  15. Gunner looking handsome

    Gunner looking handsome

  16. Here comes Dad!

    Here comes Dad!

    Morgan & Lexi
  17. Morgan mean look

    Morgan mean look

    Don't I look scary??