1. Chillin'


    Lola sitting with first toy
  2. LOLA


    Our new addition Lola 8 weeks old.
  3. Lola "popping" out from under a pillow

    Lola "popping" out from under a pillow

    Here is Lola playing with the pillows (she likes hiding under them, then poucing out at you)when she thinks your not looking!!
  4. Sleeping beauty

    Sleeping beauty

    Lola sleeping under my kitchen table, on my 4 year olds folding chair
  5. Cyber Dog

    Cyber Dog

    Lola wearing a t-shirt
  6. christmas card

    christmas card

    This is our christmas card sent out this year. Merry Christmas to all Boxer lovers.
  7. morning


    Who let them on the bed? Naughty Girls!!
  8. Our Girls

    Our Girls

    The two girls trying to look innocent.
  9. Lola on her magic carpet

    Lola on her magic carpet

    Lola about to take off on her magic sheepskin carpet to lo-la land.