1. Snuggle with Dad

    Snuggle with Dad

    He turns into the biggest suck when we put his lifejacket on him. He needs to snuggle for a few minutes after to make sure everything is okay.
  2. Vegas and his new LifeJacket

    Vegas and his new LifeJacket

    He is not impressed!
  3. This is the life

    This is the life

    Tyson does this everytime he gets into the car..
  4. Bailey the Sea Dog!

    Bailey the Sea Dog!

    This is Mahlon's best friend Bailey, this was her favorite thing to do on our vacation this summer! What a brave girl!
  5. Mahlon's new lifejacket

    Mahlon's new lifejacket

    Here's Mahlon modeling his new lifejacket!
  6. Lifejacket


    Mahlon loves to swim...Land HO!