1. on guard!...yeaa right.

    on guard!...yeaa right.

    I can't believe that this big baby can actually look mean
  2. Ruff Life

    Ruff Life

    lexxus hogging Allen's blanket
  3. Are you sure we can't go out?

    Are you sure we can't go out?

  4. what was that?

    what was that?

  5. the holidays are ruff

    the holidays are ruff

  6. say what?!

    say what?!

  7. say what?!

    say what?!

  8. lexxus


  9. mouse hunting

    mouse hunting

  10. apollo & lexxus

    apollo & lexxus

    i can't believe he's sitting still for me
  11. standoff


    paige and lexxus
  12. Paige&Lexxus


    Paige & Lexxus