1. Happy Birthday Dad!

    Happy Birthday Dad!

    This is "Dad's" 32nd birthday! We're all decked out for the party!
  2. Family Portrait

    Family Portrait

    This is one of the "family portraits" we had taken at The Picture People, 5/10/03.
  3. Well...hello there!

    Well...hello there!

  4. Legend and his ball...again

    Legend and his ball...again

    how cute is THAT!
  5. Legend and his tennis ball

    Legend and his tennis ball

    My boy loves the tennis balls!
  6. Legend and Dad on the couch

    Legend and Dad on the couch

    Who said boxers weren't LAP DOGS????
  7. Boxer in a basket!

    Boxer in a basket!

  8. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays!
  9. Who's there??

    Who's there??

    This is the first thing you see when you walk in the door...the kids at the top of the steps welcoming you!
  10. Mazzy & Legend...and a rubber duck!

    Mazzy & Legend...and a rubber duck!

    My kids posin' for the camera!
  11. Christmas Lights

    Christmas Lights

    Dropping by to 'light' up the holidays!
  12. Legend & Mazzy's First Christmas

    Legend & Mazzy's First Christmas

    This is my babies first picture together...and their first Christmas.
  13. Legend & Mom

    Legend & Mom

    Legend & Mom!
  14. jungle gym

    jungle gym

    Posin' on the jungle gym (7 months old)
  15. smile!


  16. meanface!


    Beware!!!! This is Legend giving his "mean face". Admit it...you're scared....
  17. Babysteps!


    My precious boy his first day home. May 10, 2001 (8 weeks old)
  18. BOO!


    Here is Legend in his "costume" for his first Halloween. (7 months old)