1. Louis squashing Kuda

    Louis squashing Kuda

    Here i was worrying about them not getting so proud of our old girl with what she puts up with.!
  2. Couch2


    More couch shots.. We have dozens of these
  3. Couch


    He loves this couch.. For some reason this is HIS couch!
  4. Lazy play

    Lazy play

    This is what my girls do when they are tired of running around playing..they lay down and kinda talk and growl at eachtother while mouth to mouth...then they will kiss eachother
  5. Clay sleeping

    Clay sleeping

    Clay aged 3 yrs
  6. Clay and Ally on bed

    Clay and Ally on bed

    Clay 3 yrs and Ally aged 4 yrs
  7. Ally on bed

    Ally on bed

    Our girl Ally aged 4yrs
  8. Lazy Day

    Lazy Day

    Ahhhh, what a lazy day!
  9. Lazy Girl

    Lazy Girl

    Lazy Days
  10. a little too close for comfort

    a little too close for comfort

  11. Lazy Cashious

    Lazy Cashious

    This is Cashious relaxing watching a little T.V.
  12. Lazy


    Can you say lazy ass?
  13. Lazy GUS!

    Lazy GUS!

    Gus loves lounging around in Daddy's recliner!