1. Layla


    Layla after we got done playing outside taking a break eating an ice cube.
  2. Layla


    Layla 8 months old
  3. LAYLA


    Layla all grown up at 8 months
  4. two heads are better than one

    two heads are better than one

    layla and big dog, she loves him!!!
  5. Still trying

    Still trying

    Still trying to get comfy!!!
  6. Trying to get comfy

    Trying to get comfy

    Layla trying to get comfy
  7. oh well

    oh well

    Layla after all that trying to get comfy gave up...
  8. New typing pro

    New typing pro

    Layla replying to my forums...
  9. Our family!

    Our family!

    This is me, Nick, and Layla. The picture was taken at AntJan's (Janet's) house when we stopped by for a visit.
  10. Drunk Puppy

    Drunk Puppy

    No animals were harmed in the making of this picture.. It really looks like she is drunk. but really she tipped over daddy's empty bottle...
  11. Layla Fight

    Layla Fight

    Layla found the biggest stuffed animal we have and tried to attack it too funny..
  12. sunbathing!!!


    Caught my pretty girl sunbathing in the patio door..
  13. Layla


    Layla on the patio
  14. Layla's Bed

    Layla's Bed

    Layla sleeping her bed that sometimes she lets mommy and daddy sleep on.
  15. Layla  Halti

    Layla Halti

    Layla not too enthused with the halti
  16. Layla Angel Face

    Layla Angel Face

    Layla being her too cute self
  17. Squishy Monster

    Squishy Monster

    Layla being silly with the Halti on
  18. Super Layla

    Super Layla

    Layla stying in her new patriotic bandana.
  19. Layla


    Layla showing her spagetti mouth off.
  20. Layla