1. The new Lao 2002 Sleak model

    The new Lao 2002 Sleak model

    This is the new aerodynamic, sleak 2002 model! What a looker, eh!? Classic expression!
  2. Lao Tzu 4.28.2002

    Lao Tzu 4.28.2002

    This is our little Lao. Very easy going and loving. He has this confucious way about him too! Lao: "The weight of the world is upon my shoulders..."
  3. Happy Holloween

    Happy Holloween

    This is a nice Holloween pose, eh? Riley is our little G.I. Joe!
  4. Lao Riley and Jen

    Lao Riley and Jen

    This is the proud mother of two, yeah.
  5. We'll get there some day!

    We'll get there some day!

    These were the first steps the boys started taking up the stairs. Lao went for it-Riley wasn't too sure for a bit.
  6. Lao Riley and Andre

    Lao Riley and Andre

    This is a picture of me and the kids the day we brought them home.