1. Kobe's Secret Weapon

    Kobe's Secret Weapon

    This is Kobe's Secret Weapon. The cute face that he gives when he wants something. Jeremy and I can NEVER say no to this face. He gives it when he wants to share the bed. When he wants a cookie. When he wants scraps from the table. This was taken when he was about 8 months old. But he still has...
  2. What Kobe Does Best

    What Kobe Does Best

    This is Kobe. He's an international boxer based in Shanghai, China because his mommy is American and daddy is Australian and both work in Shanghai. Kobe understands both English and Chinese!
  3. Kobe with my son Chance

    Kobe with my son Chance

    The boys love to lay with Kobe like this, or they face him and put his paws around them and just lay there and snuggle. It's so sweet!
  4. Super Dog!

    Super Dog!

    Kobe with my son's halloween mask on! Hee Hee!
  5. Get Ready for your Close-up!

    Get Ready for your Close-up!

  6. Prince Kobe

    Prince Kobe

  7. Wrinklie Hugs

    Wrinklie Hugs

    My oldest skinkid, Klein, with Kobe. Aren't they so sweet! :)
  8. Kobe's tail

    Kobe's tail

    Hey look! Someone else lost their tail also! HeeHee! Also Kobe's first night home. I think at this point he was hiding from the skinkids to get some peace and quiet.
  9. Schmoochie Face Kobe

    Schmoochie Face Kobe

    Our new babies first night at home was very tiring! We had friends over who have 2 skinkids, in addition to our 2. The kids played for hours in the front yard. Kobe was tired out!!