1. Cuddled together

    Cuddled together

    They woke up when I opened the door, but I got the picture before the moved. Being littermates they are used to this, but this was the first time I saw them doing this, so I had to get a picture.
  2. At play

    At play

    Shmi goes for Sith, as he goes for the toy being dangled by AnnMarie off camera.
  3. Still chilling

    Still chilling

    Sith and Shmi sit still long enough for me to take a close up shot as they are on the new cat tree fort of theirs.
  4. The purrfect pair

    The purrfect pair

    Here Sith (on the left) and Shmi (on the right) are showing off their new hang out at their new home.
  5. Hudsen and his "kids"

    Hudsen and his "kids"

    Hudsen and his foster children, Grace and Jinx, who he helped "mommy" raise:)