1. Jessie the jail bird

    Jessie the jail bird

    Jessie and Dad at the Doggie Halloween parade.
  2. Jessie and Taz

    Jessie and Taz

    Hey mom! Look what I found in the neighbors yard!!! Can I keep it????
  3. Jessie and Uncle Mike

    Jessie and Uncle Mike



    Jessie and Jesse at it again.
  5. Jessie turns one

    Jessie turns one

    Jessie has a party every year with friends and family. Her birthday is July 6th.
  6. Jessie as a pup
  7. Are you my mother???

    Are you my mother???

    Jessie as a pup
  8. Jessie & Jesse

    Jessie & Jesse

    Here is our baby Jessie with her best friend Jesse. They are the same age and have grown up living next door to each other.
  9. Jessie@11weeks


    Heres Jessie At 11 Weeks old
  10. 1ST Time flashed

    1ST Time flashed

    Jessie 1st time photo
  11. Rock & Jessie

    Rock & Jessie

    the two best dogs (friends) in the world
  12. Jessie Swimming with Stick

    Jessie Swimming with Stick

    This is Jesse Retrieving a stick