1. Snow Baby

    Snow Baby



    Jessie and Jesse at it again.
  3. Jessie turns one

    Jessie turns one

    Jessie has a party every year with friends and family. Her birthday is July 6th.
  4. Jessie as a pup
  5. Are you my mother???

    Are you my mother???

    Jessie as a pup
  6. Jessie & Jesse

    Jessie & Jesse

    Here is our baby Jessie with her best friend Jesse. They are the same age and have grown up living next door to each other.
  7. Playing with Mean Kitty

    Playing with Mean Kitty

    We were in our computer room and Monko layed down holding her Mean Kitty doll..So cute..
  8. Our Monko

    Our Monko

    Our Monko laying down enjoying herself..